The Machinist is an old building with a lot of character and history!

From 1949 to 2005 the Shipping and Transport College was located in our building. Many of the current rooms used to have a very different function:

  1. In the restaurant and café there used to be a forge and an engine room where the students followed their classes.
  2. At the current location of the Pub, there used to be a steam boiler, which was connected to the chimney outside.
  3. The current Sociëteit room was the canteen. Here the students enjoyed a croquette sandwich and the room was always foggy from all the cigarette smoke.
  4. In room 6, on the ground floor, there is a secret room, accessible by staircase. Old books and school reports were found here during the renovation. Nobody knows what the secret room was for, so if you know this we would love to hear it. :-)


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